Wednesday, December 2, 2015

as a mom, on a Wednesday

1. there should be some sort of victory chant for when your children start playing together and can do so unattended. so far, it's only about 2 minutes before someone starts crying or screaming, but that's 2 solid minutes that i can unload the dishwasher, get something out of the car, stare at the wall, or hide.

while we're at about a fun little side-by-side comparison
    JR-22 months, TW-2 months              JR-3 years, TW-16(almost 17) months

2. judsons memory is ridiculous. and slightly alarming.
monday we were in the grocery store.
he said, "let's see if they have any of the John Deere puzzles."
no clue what he was talking about. 
so i asked him, "when did you get a puzzle from here?" 
Judson, "for my Christmas party at my old school." 
I said, "we got that here? at Macs?"
 Judson, "yes, right over there" 
kid knew exactly the spot in which i found the puzzle from a year ago.
when he was 2 years and 2 months old. 
so, don't ever do anything around him that you don't want him to remember and therefore, talk about.

3. is it normal? the amount of delight i get from our Christmas tree? 
all lit up at's magical, really. 
i just love it so much.
it's not a perfect tree and it's definitely not fancy. i got all of our ornaments at Dollar General, for crying out loud. 
but, i love it. so very much.

4. people have asked me if Townes is our last baby.
 it's because I "baby" him
even Judson recognizes it. 
Just the other day he was asked, "who is Roo Roo?"
Judson replied, "that's Townesy. He's our baby."
OUR baby, ha!
explanation: Townes-a-rooskie led to Rooskie led to Roosk led to Roo and now Roo Roo
so, Townesy and Roo Roo, it is.
Townesy and I, we are quite obsessed with one another and I have no plans to rid him of his pacifier, bottle, crib, blanket, monkey, or anything that makes him a baby-any time soon.
I am smitten with his little 16 month old self and could eat him up i love him so.

but, his personality that is revealing itself as he grows into a little boy is quite entertaining

and the answer to that original question above (the one about him being our last) is- i hope not. 
we love our babies.... i mean, our boys.

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