Monday, December 14, 2015

trips to Tyler

We made two little trips to Tyler in August and in September 
living 3 hours away from Jake and Jamie is so nice for when we want to and can make quick trips for special occasions or just when we need to see each other
we have seen each other more often, but here are 2 of our little trips that I wanted to document!

in August, we went over to hang out and go to the Tyler Zoo!
and oh man, are we missing that little Buddy....
Happy Campers!

in September, we went over for a day trip for a baby blessing for Buddy
Jake and Jamies church is an incredible support for them
actually, "support" probably doesn't do it justice.
their church family has become their family and has loved them through their 10 months fostering Buddy.
they had their baby blessing day and we just could not miss it
believe it, or not, but i did not intend for this post to be about our little Buddy.
but, we are just missing him.
He is with his forever family, and I just have to believe that he is loved as much as he was when he was with Jake and Jamie.
foster care was a whole new world for them and for our entire family.
i'm not going to say a lot about it, because it's not entirely my story to tell, but i will say that our family is better because of foster care. 
and because of Jake and Jamie, and their hearts.
and because of Buddy.

We loved our short trip to be with them and soaked up each second of cousin and sibling time

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