Tuesday, December 29, 2015

fall...or some of it

ahhh....the fall.
what is the fall?
what are seasons?

i kid.

when i say "the fall", i am referring to the months of September through November.
and it flew by. as most seasons do these days.

my blogging is incredibly sporatic as of late and in an attempt to document our life through this season, here is a photographic display of some of the events that took place.
of course, not all are pictured.
but they are probably captured on my iphone...along with the 23792385473 other photos.

let's start in September!
GT threw a 30th birthday party for me, with all the planning done by himself.
and the cooking, i might add.
a Mexican feast that was delish
and a cookie cake, per tradition.
that said, "Happy 17th birthday, Kate...13 years later." 
i always joke that i would love to be 17 forever. and that 17 is the age that i still feel.
it's true.
when people ask me how old i am, 30 just feels strange. like i'm talking about an older woman.
so, the cake was perfect. and my mom had photos blown up of me, my family and my friends from when i was 17 posted all over the barn.
it was a wonderful night

let's keep moving through September, or else we won't ever make it to November.
most of our days were spent outside, but what's new?

hunting season began, which meant GT was/is gone quite a bit

luckily, one of the Buck Commander group hunts was just an hour down the road
so, the boys and I crashed their party one afternoon and spent a few hours at the hunting camp
as you can see, they hated it.
fishing, petting a deer, chocolate chip cookies, hanging out with their dad and his friends...it was a dream for Judson. and probably GT.

for Halloween, the boys had a costume day at their school.
Judson changed his mind every week, up until the night before when he landed on Marshall from Paw Patrol.
so, we made it work(ish) and Townesy got the "oh look, you have a Superman shirt with a cape attached in your closet! you can be Clark Kent!" costume
luckily, Judson changed his mind again, requesting that we all be cowboys for the church trunk-or-treat

GT took Judson to a few friday night football games at our local high school and that boy loved it.
my dad went also. when he would leave at half time, Judson opted to stay for the entire game with GT...soaking it all in.
we only made it to one game for his big cousin, Will, during the week, but both boys had an awesome time.

and were super proud to know such a big football player.

I can't even remember when it was, but Beau and Luke came for a few days which was like the BEST THE BEST THING EVER for Judson
and included a night at Excalibur!

in November, GT was gone a good bit
hunting/work trips and a trip out of the country with an awesome organization
I was super ready for him to be home after being gone
my mom was also traveling a fair amount
so we were at the airport a few times

we celebrated his big cousin Wills bday at Johnnys pizza
and Judson felt like such a big kid

another night was spent at my cousins farm

one of GTs trips, was a once-in-a-lifetime buffalo hunt in the Henry mountains
suffice to say, we have enough meat for the next few years...and it is delish!!!
over Thanksgiving, Jakey killed a deer and was so fun for the boys to see!
basically, if you eat at our house, you're probably not eating cow.

of course, no fall would be complete without multiple mom-forced photos
they both know where to stand by the fence upon request.
my work here is done.

unfortunately, i've turned into a person who takes pictures of their cat
luckily, i really like her
and hate that i'm allergic to her
because i really would like for her to come in our house and snuggle.
the end.

another Saturday in November was spent in Birmingham at Women of Faith
my cousin, Korie, spoke and a few of us got to tag along
she was awesome
i know that i'm with her a lot, but she never ceases to amaze or impress me
i loved each second of her Q&A.
so good.
and loved each minute of being with my family

GT was out of town, so my awesome mom-in-law came in to keep the boys
and all parties involved were quite happy with the arrangement
the women in my life are the best. honestly.

more fall days with the boys

and lunches with Mamaw Lou at the car wash
win-win for everyone!

it's quite entertaining to watch the boys form a relationship
of course it's not all hand-holding and brother-love, but they do prefer to be with one another
Tonwnesy is a clown, but can change on a dime with his sensitive little heart
Judson is steady-as-it-goes and does not like to get in trouble, but will occasionally close-line his brother just for kicks. 
so, taking them both to the doctor multiple times is really fun.....

nothing would be complete without our Saturdays at Cracker Barrel

9am, you can find us there
or at Mamaw Lou's
most likely, followed by a visit to the Ike to see what's happening

Judson can not get enough of team-roping
and Townes can't get enough of cows and trying to be like his brother

GTs brother, Garrett, has lived in WM for 2 years, working at Duck Commander
and it has been wonderful
having him here has been perfect and our boys are so blessed to have an uncle just down the road who loves on them so much
he moved to Dallas and is getting married in May and we are thrilled!!!!
sad about his move, but so happy for him and Cristie (p.s. i need to post their engagement pics!)

our fall has been fast and full

i'll leave you with this
i asked Judson, "what about Townes".
his resopnse, "i'm thankful for Woodrow and Brian" (our good friend), "but not my brother".
and in the next breath, he wonders where TW is and if he can sit by him.
so, there you have it folks.
happy winter.
and see ya next year, fall!

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