Monday, December 14, 2015

Monroe Reunion 2015

The annual Monroe family reunion was in Mansfield, Tx this year (in July)
and was just as wonderful as the previous years!

The boys and I arrived Friday afternoon and met up with Del, Mark, Ty, Chelsea and Gracie!
we took the kids swimming in the hotel pool, then GT arrived (he flew in from a work trip)
the rest of the family slowly trickled in and then we went out for some delish BBQ
back at the hotel, we made ourselves comfortable in the lobby for some bone-throwin' (dominoes) and late night visiting.
Judson got to stay up ridiculously late and had the time of his life

Saturday morning, just our little Taylor crew (13 of us!) went to IHOP for some pancakes, and i do not regret that, ha!
the babies went down for naps at the hotel and we all started setting up at the church across the street for our big lunch-time meal.

we played with the babies
enjoyed meals together
played lots of 42
and enjoyed the short 2 days we had with the fam
love my Taylor fam

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