Sunday, July 10, 2011

Homeward bound

Trying to get home is seeming impossible at this point.
We've been in an airport or airplane for 24 hours and I'm just leaving New York...

But, my heart is still here.
I will miss these children and our awesome group terribly.
My heart is so full. Full of love, thankfulness and some hurt. Hurt for the kids. I am now realizing that I might possibly need those kids more than they could ever need me.
We had a week more amazing than words could say and I can hardly tell about it with dry eyes. Our team worked in perfect unison. Great people with incredible joy!
Wish we were just leaving for Ghana.
I'll tell more later this week. Now, my goal is West Monroe. Everyone close your eyes and cross your fingers...please!

With an overflowing cup,

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annie said...

Can't wait to read your posts & see pics. Safe travels to WMLA.....