Saturday, July 2, 2011

wedding music

I was never the little girl who had her dream wedding planned out.
The only thing that I was sure of, was the music.
Music can change the mood, it can change your emotion, it is so powerful.
I knew that I wanted certain songs because I "feel" them. you know what I mean?

I still love the music from our wedding and love the playlist on my iphone.
It makes me happy and nostalgic and full of joy.

Music is such a great way to escape to a certain moment in time because of an emotion.

listening to this right now...i am so thankful for that Saturday 1 year ago.
My favorite day ever.

Seating of our grandparents

seating of our parents

groomsmen and gt

bridesmaids processional

my dad and i

lighting the unity candle

exiting the church.
for my love.
no other reason, but for his happiness.

Happy Anniversary to the absolute love of my life.
my heart would surely break without you.

Now, to celebrate, I'm off to Ghana.


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Kayleigh Evans said...

I love your music selections... My dad and I actually walked down the aisle to Fix You as well! So crazy. I get chills and floods of memories and images every time I hear it. Thanks for sharing.