Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp Love

The last day of camp is bittersweet. You're so tired and hot and are pretty ready to lay down in the air conditioning and sleep for days. But, you don't want the best week of your life to end and tell all of your new friends goodbye.

I have yet to find another environment like Camp.

One week. 100ish kids. 9 cabins. Bible studies. Survivor day. Relay games. Pool time. Canoe races. Swings. Dodgeball. Card games. Singing. Skit night. Loud meal times. Campfire.

After 1 week, lifelong friendships are formed. I have so many awesome memories from my weeks at Ch-Yo-Ca. It's such a fun-packed week that you get to know people fast and learn all about them. It's an intense friendship-forming week and full of actives that challenge you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So, after my first week of being the camp nurse and bible teaching... I must admit... It's still awesome.
I dot want it to end, but I must get out of the heat and the dirt and the sweat and the bugs. Also, I must pack for Ghana.
Afterall, I leave tomorrow!
Hooray and yikes at the same time!

Happy weeksend folks,

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