Friday, July 15, 2011

Things to love on Friday

1. Our group in Ghana.
Great people, but really fun too! Great combo.

2. Progress on the new old house. And a perfect place to display our dishes(they're so pretty and it'd be a shame to hide them in a cabinet)

3. My awesome man who packed the medicine trunks for us to take. He also painted every room in the new house, completely packed up and moved us out of our old house in LR while I was gone... Hello! Three aren't many men cut from the same cloth.

4. Heading to work the Texas trophy Hunters Extravaganza for Buck Commander. Apparently there's a rattlesnake pit... We'll see how that goes. Sounds like a terrible idea.

5. Still trying to decide my feelings about this guy. He was spotted in Accra, Ghana. I think I like him or at least whoever thought him up.

Happy Friday folks,

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