Tuesday, August 30, 2011

flowers caught on camera+

Fresh flowers make everything better.
I've never had a favorite flower.
Still not sure.
I like bunches of wildflowers, I reckon.
Or white hydrangeas.

Either way, they make our house feel more homey and I like it.

Jamie, my SIL, also introduced me to camera+. Winner!
It's a legit iphone app that makes my pics look emo and artsy fartsy.
Hey, if i'm gonna use my iphone for every pic...why not try and look like I know what i'm doing, right?
moving on.
these are just a bunch of lovelies in some mason jars that i found in the barn(duh).
with camera+, i used the effect: cross process

beauteeful sunflowers just holding their head up high
camera+ effect: grunge

more sunny-flowers on the kitchen window sill
camera+ effect: HDR

stunning gladiolas that just make the right statement
camera+ effect: depth of field
right on.

from a rather cheerful home,


Anonymous said...

My favorite effect was the HDR..so beautiful and of course the flowers are stunning in your house. lc

Rachel Johnson said...

Also check out Instagram, you would love it!