Thursday, August 4, 2011

update from the homefront

I'm home...for good.
 At least until next weekend. But, then my man gets to travel with me!
This last month has been so full of great experiences and traveling and moving and packing and unpacking and decisions and work and emotions and sweat(some serious sweat) and little sleep.
Needless to say, The last month has been FULL.
I'm thankful for all that i've been able to do and what has been done for me.

Last week recap.

we had a wonderful and rewarding trip to the Dominican Republic (more to come)

we moved into our new house
This is Dads land (that we're living on) getting completely cleared.
Seriously, you should see this machine in action. It terrifies me. It's so intense.

Woodrow loves our new house and the new land. Evidenced by a complete mud bath. How about being an outside dog there Woody? 

Our sad little house in N.LR. Will somone please buy it? It's a great home and has beautiful floors.

GT killed our first copper head on our 2nd night to stay at our new house.
I was pretending that there weren't any snakes on the land. Who was I kidding?
 It's full of 'em.
I guess if i'm gonna be a gardening, chicken-keeping, cow-raising and huntin' woman I gotta get use to the snakes.
Or carry a .22.

my fave pic from the DR.

little bro-in-law graduation from HU.
We got in to WM from DR at 5am Saturday morning. Garrett graduated at 10am in Searcy. And we were there.
BAM! take that, sleep! I beat you! and then i slept for a long time.
(this pic is of Gare Bear with his roomies. i'm in the background trying to keep GT from ruining their pics)

1.5 weeks til I get to see this guy.

happy weekend eve folks,

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Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

Yeah!! Can't wait to see you too Aunt Kate!!! We've missed you to pieces.