Saturday, August 20, 2011

it's always better when we're together

GT and I are grateful to have a good 1st year of marriage under our belts.
To celebrate our first year of wedded adjusting, forgivenss and understanding bliss, we thought that we'd do a bit of traveling.
Somewhere along the way, we got our wires crossed and neglected to plan our trips in congruence with one another. whoops.

In order to demonstrate our on-the-go, busy lives...I created a diagram of our travels.

This is just a map of GT's travels since last Thursday. He still isn't home. (yah, that's Iowa.)
Luckiliy, we were able to be together with my family at the beach for a few days.
I think i'll do a heel click when he finally gets his trottin harness on and heads towards home.

This is just a map of my international travels this summer.
Far enough away from my man.
He's going with me next time.
Brooks n' Dunn.

There have been many travels we have taken together, also. And I like those most, duh.
His new travel life with Buck Commander is pretty sweet though.
This week has been exceptionally great for the company and i'm thrilled that GT is a part of the big deals!
He's meeting some fun people, going to new places and making incredible connections.
Hooray for working in the hunting industry and with my family, b/c then I like going with him more.
I'm proud of my hubsters. He's a hard worker.

Remember that time I decided to do a Sunday Portrait Series?
Yeah, another series I failed to follow through on. Wanna know why?
Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks, save 1, that GT and I haven't been to church together on a Sunday b/c one or both of us have been out of town/the country.
So, when we get back in the swing of things...pic taking with be cranked back up.
Luckily, we both love traveling and the reasons for which we travel. Granted, we'd rather have eachother as travel buddies. It's always better when we're together.(thanks j.johnson for the lyric)
I have few pics of us at the beach this week.
here's one with Beau!
in the closet
watching Mickey Mouse Club

and a sneaky one

Happy trails to us...until we meet again...

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