Friday, August 26, 2011

a Friday loves list

It's been a while.
reminds me of a song. we won't go there. Staind reminds me of my early high school years and the youth group guys playing Nirvana in the basement of our church for hours and makes me remember why that growling/yelling band playing by bands like Nickelback, Tool, some Creed and others makes my skin crawl. 

I digress.
Where was I?
oh yeah, loving Friday and life. hello!
Here is a list of some things I love on this here Fridee:

1. my boo is home for a good solid 7 days. Can i get a whoopty whoop!
i think we might just kick it at home tomorrow.
that's gonna be perfect and rare.
can't wait!

2. i keep finding more goodies in our new/old barn.
like these random wooden things.
awesome, huh?
i stuck 'em in a big urn that we already had.

3. Sara Bareilles
I'm very aware that she's no new-comer.
I saw something, somewhere about her the other day, so i just started youtubing(verb?) her.
So now, she's one of my faves.
She's ridiculously gifted and her voice is effortless.


this song has been a fave of mine for a while.
both of their voices. their harmony. the song. their hats. Gasp.

4. seeing two deer this morning on a run with GT and Woodrow.
have i mentioned that i love our new house and new road?
(house makeover pics to come soon)

5.beautiful dresses
it's perfectly feminine, structured, elegant, dreamy and romantic
if we were to wed each other again, i might want to wear this.
of course, i saw this on pinterest

hope everyone had a great week and are gearing up to relax.huh?
happy Friday folks,

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