Thursday, November 10, 2011

celebrating births

this picture is precious to me
it hangs where i can see it and see it often

It was taken a day that I was leaving for Mexico on a mission trip in highschool.
My whole family was there supporting me.

That's my Pa.
my dads dad.
I miss him so badly that it physically hurts somedays.
Yesterday would've been his 82nd birthday.
I still get kind of angry when I think about him not being with us any more.
Is it ok to get angry? I think so. It demonstrates the depth of the hole left by a persons absence.
I want him to know GT.
 They'd get along so well. They'd spend alot of time together. My Pa would love GT.
I want him to teach my kids how to drive a boat, grow a garden and fix anything.
He was the most supportive Pa.
He never missed anything that I took part in. Even track meets that were hours away.
He'd be there. By himself. Then he'd drive me back home. I loved that.
He always had time for me.
He was also the most fit 70 year old man you'd ever see. He was fully capable of anything.
I wish he was here to see my new house and help GT fix stuff.
My heart swells with pride when I am called his granddaughter.
Yesterday would've been a happy happy birthday for my Pa.
Praise God for the hope we have of heaven.
Jesus' tomb was empty, therefore the grave has no hold on my Pa!

In that picture, Will sits on Pa's shoulders.
Tuesday was his first double-digit birthday!!!
My cousins, Korie(my bff) and Willie adopted Willie Alexander 10 years ago.
I can not imagine our lives without him.
There'd be a Will shaped hole if he wasn't in our lives.
He brings so much joy to our family and never hesistates to show his love for us.
He is always excited to see us and gives the best hugs.
I love that kid so stinkin' much.
Sometimes I just hug him until he makes me stop...can't get enough of him.
he started playing football this year.
He does not have one single mean bone in his body.
He has a sweet spirit and is kind to everyone.
Oh well, it's fun to watch him run around out there not hitting anyone toooo hard.

Happy birthday to my favorite Pa, an incredible and incredibly missed man.
Happy birthday to my favorite Will, an awesome 10 year old who will be an awesome man.

I am so grateful for great men in my life...from every end of the age spectrum.
I am humbled that God chose me to be in their lives.



Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

Sista, wonderful tribute to our Pa. My eyes filled with tears reading it. It's okay for a 30 year old dude to get teary eyed over his Pa, huh?. He was amazing...and I agree that he and GT would be best buds. Can't wait to be with y'all again soon. Gotta go give little gumBeau a bath. later kater

annie said...

This tribute to your Pa, Will & the men in your life, is precious, Katelyn.