Thursday, November 3, 2011

three little birds

2 weekends ago
2 of my favorite people came to play with me
2 of  my BFFs

I hope everyone has friends like mine
each day I am grateful that God chose to put some wonderful women in my life
I feel truly blessed to have friends that are great women of faith
they also happen to have great taste in music, food and style
I love them because they are selfless, confident and love great conversation
we 3 can be together and do nothing or something ridiculous and treasure the time spent
Kyla and I were rooms in college and in Dallas
2 of the greatest of times of my life
she has shared tears and laughs with me
many times the tears were because of the laughs
she sat with me and cried with me on my bed the morning i found out we had lost my Papaw Shack
she "feels" music the same way that I do
she'll watch Pride and Prejudice with me for the gagillionth time...anytime
she loves Jesus with her whole heart
she can sing....i mean sing people
we just get eachother. ya know?
she's the real deal people
those are a few reason why i love being friends with Kyla

Buzz makes me laugh so much
we were also JuGoJu sistas in college
we were Dallas babes together
she loves concerts with me
she can make up words that make no sense but perfect sense at the same time
she appreciates the small things
she loves my cookin' and lets me know
she knows how to give a compliment and i love to hear them. i treasure her advice, seriously
she has killer style
she is ridiculously easy to be with and makes others feel important. selfless
she loves blogs with me
we can talk about EVERYTHING for a long time
i love Buzz(laura is her real name)
someday i want my kids to learn from her. learn everything.


we drove around our land to the refuge
they appreciated it.

buzz being all woodsy and stuff
she loved on my doggies and the loved her
Buzz is from Philly, so it's fun to see her be all non-city

dreamy day

collage of the morning

photos taken of meals eaten at my house by them
they both love when i cook(or at least that's what they tell me and i buy it)
and i love to cook
so we just ate at my house the entire weekend
it was perfect
i'm not sure if there is much better than a long dinner accompanied by dear friends and lovely conversation
easy like a sunday morning

our friend David came over for roast, potatoes and biscuits after church on Sunday
we visited until 3pm.
that's a good sunday lunch, ya heard?

when i lived with Kyla and Kari(her twin. and yes, she's equally awesome), i had a cd that i burned(holla) and played constantly.
this song was on that cd and makes me happy and think of time with them.
good harmony, anyone?
thank ya mam.

Daring Girls Cup 2008

buzzs blogs:

thanks for being great pals



annie said...

Sweet post of a holy time with good friends.....

Good to see you in the Student Center at Homecoming, even if it was only a few minutes.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

im too jealous to comment...

oh wait, dang it.

how much fun!!!!