Monday, November 28, 2011

Elizabeths wedding

I would tell you about my good friend Elizabeths wedding, but i'll let the pictures talk.
(the actual pictures are poor iphone quality, but the decor and setting were perfect)
The barn is on their family farm.
I mean, come on.

She is one of the most naturally beautiful people EVER.
We've been friends since freshman year and have traveled Europe and Ghana together.
She has seen me at my worst. No doubt. She is effortlessly lovely

her wedding day footwear. just perfectly Elizabeth

Jen and I before the ceremony
Elizabeth gifted us the cardigans and belts(it was a chilly day, so we donned them during the ceremony)
E is an excellent gift giver

that chandelier. stunning.

it's the little details that matter people.

the pie table.
just take a minute and notice all of the sweet little details. go ahead.
the table... a door and barrels. hello!


details people.

as the guests arrived they hung out and drank cider and coffee.
i loved the casual vibe

instead of programs, the wedding partys names were written on the window pane.
the haybales served as ceremony seating.

casual mingling

more perfect little details. chocolate covered coffee beans

elizabeth, jenna and lauren.
love 'em

instagram photos
the entrance to the farm was beautiful

my friend buzz took this and i think it is an excellent photo representing the day
Brock and Elizabeth
they are comfy, casual people, but beautiful
the ceremony was one of the sweetest and most personal i've ever been a part of

E's mom and 9 of her friends spent 3 days out at the farm and decorated
they do that for all of their kids weddings. a team. isn't that wonderful?

the folk string band for the reception.



Rachel Johnson said...

I mean, this is just a dream come true. Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Seriously...I was there. Great pics kate. I have been raving about your bridesmaids gifts, I mean comon!

Lauren said...

Can I please have the little folk singing' girl??