Friday, April 20, 2012

around the town

Actually, about an hour outside of town. 
Jim Bowies Relay Station, to be exact, in Catahoula Parish. 
Easter weekend, the in-laws came in town which was the perfect opportunity to head to Enterprise, La. 
Not only do they serve great catfish and cobbler, the entire experience is a little treat.
It takes about an hour to get there from West Monroe and you have to take a short ferry ride across the river to get to the restaurant. The restaurant is part of a little historical village on the river. 
It was the perfect evening to spend with the parentals. 

the ferry ride view

blackberry cobbler is enough to get me there

fried catfish and sweet tea. 
yes, i was sick. and yes, it was worth it

friday nights they have gospel music
saturday nights they have country music.
we were serenaded by this guy and actually really enjoyed it

i love this guy and that he lets me take his picture

an old schoolhouse

i'm not even sure

i made him do this

we were definitely entertained by the ceiling

i also made him do this
my lil' sweethart (sp?) 

i spy an unruly student ringing the LOUD school bell in the upper window

luckily the principle found the paddle and the student

why so serious?

Taylors with the Pig Palace in the background. 
yes, Pig Palace

i wouldn't mind having this porch to sit on

taking the ferry back across the river

If you're ever in our neck of the woods, i highly recommend this little place.
i might even join ya.

Happy Friday friends,

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