Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Bleeding Love

If you know me well, you know what this song does to me.
circa 2008, i probably listened to it an infinite number of times.
it makes me "feel" stuff, you know?
well, you probably don't know.
just go with it.
that's what i'm made of.

This performance on So You Think You Can Dance was played over and over and over and over again
i still love it. so. much.
i tried to master the part where she throws a fit.
ask my friends how that went.
Buzz, Kyla or Lemmons can tell you how lovely that demonstration was. 

I was reminded of my love for this song a few weeks back while watching the Voice.
my guilty pleasure is all singing competition reality shows.
whether they're pathetic or wonderful, i love them all.
i'm a sucker for musicals as well.
These two gals performed bleeding love and although it wasn't earth-shattering, i enjoyed it

that's all. 
just feeling musically nostalgic.
carry on. 

1 comment:

megan said...

Haha!! When I saw them sing this on the voice I said "I think of katelyn every time I hear this song. Then I see her throwing a fit like Chelsea!" :)