Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: the Spree

I never posted about my trip to a month and a half ago.
This post won't be wordless, but it will contain music (the reoccurring theme of my WW posts).

It was a wonderful weekend with my gfs.
We ate some scrumptious foods. For reals, eating out in Dallas is a delight for the taste buddies. 
We giggled over ridiculous photos. 
We ate more good food.
We talked about life and solved world problems. 
A successful trip over all.

But, the reason I went was to watch Patrick play the drums for Polyphonic Spree!
We danced the night away and sang our little Spree-groupy hearts out. 

Patrick greeting his woman with a smooch on his way to the drums.

love my girl-frans

they're the best. and also a whole lotta fun

Can't wait to spend some more time with my gals!
Adding some Polyphonic to the mix is always good too.

Happy Wednesday friends,

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