Monday, April 30, 2012

What's in a name?

Katelyn Jane Kirby Taylor
My mom chose Katelyn because she liked it and it was really all girl (i'm sure there was more to it than that)
She already had her two boys and finally had a girl who had to have a real girl name.
I think it suits me just fine and I have grown to love it.
When I was going through my "Ice Box" phase (yup, jerseys and dude rags), i hated it.
It was tooooo girly.
But, luckily I've traded in my Emmitt Smith and David Robinson jerseys for some dresses and the name, Katelyn, works for me.
I also love being Kate to most of my friends and family, namely Beau.

Jane means something else to me.
I am named after my aunt, Janie.
Ramona Jane Kirby actually.

This is my dads sister.
I never knew her.
Although, there have been hundreds of people who knew her that have made me feel so much closer to her through their stories and words about her.
She was beautiful.
People loved her.
She loved people.
I wish I knew her.
I'm glad I have her name to live up to.

My dad shared his testimony on Sunday.
It was powerful.
He spoke of Janie's death and it's impact on his life.
Boy, was I proud.
Proud to be a part of the Kirby family.
Proud to know that I belong to a God who turns tragedy into hope.
A God who heals. even the worst of hurts.

I've posted the link to his sermon so that you can hear his story.
To listen: Click here

I praise God for my family, the ones that I know and the one that I never knew.
His ways are higher than our ways and the plans that He has made are good and true.

Being named after someone is humbling
I pray that I live up to the name I was given

Katelyn Jane 

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