Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series: Easter

Easter is crazy on Yellowood Drive.
Each year, my aunt Chrys hosts Easter Sunday lunch and an Easter egg hunt.
It has grown exponentially and continues to grow each year.
It is so much fun to watch all of the kids squirm through lunch with excitement for the hunt!
look at those fiiiine white britches
the in-laws came in for the Easter weekend!
I love when they come in town

some of my very favorite gals

the hunting crew for this year

let the games begin!
total chaos ensues

every man for themselves

it's an excuse to really act like a kid

the adult on-lookers on the front porch

some of the loot

The weather was perfect
the kids were sweet
the food was to die for (especially if you ate as much as i did)
the eggs were plentiful
but, above all else
 our Savior is Risen!!!

we celebrate Easter every day because the tomb is empty and we have the hope of heaven 
we serve a God who raises from the dead
heals hurts and offers forgiveness

Praise be to our God for his unending love demonstrated by Christs death on a cross and resurrection on the third day!

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