Thursday, May 3, 2012

Planting our family tree

We have a lot of trees around our house.
Yet, I chose to plant one.
I know it doesn't make sense. We have enough as it is.

But, this one.
This little guy has some significance.
It's our family tree.

I didn't choose a grand ole oak, like those already standing on the property.
Mostly, because i'm pretty sure i won't be around to see it full grown.
I chose a sweet little Natchez Crepe Myrtle.
They are beautiful and grow up pretty quickly.
I wanted it to serve as a landmark for the growth of our family (and of course, a great backdrop for pictures).

So, it seemed appropriate that we plant it so that it can grow along with our family.
Yup, kids. We're growing.
We're joining the baby boom of 2012 and adding a Taylor in October. 
Our little baby tree (and an inconspicuous Woodrow lurking)

I'm about three and a half months along and feeling hungry great.
My lack of posting lately has been due to grad school, for the most part.
But, let's get real...growing a kid is tiring. Little Huckleberry has been wearing me out.
It's all good though, because I know he's growing (yes, i said "he", no we don't know yet). 

a dramatic face is appropriate i think

We find out the gender in three weeks!
People aren't lying when they say it flies by.
We are grateful for the health of our baby so far.
We approach God's throne often asking for guidance and peace.
And of course, thanking Him daily for this miracle. 

Ready or not, here we go parenthood!

still hungry,


Rachel said...

So happy for you, Taylors! And so stoked that baby Taylor is headed to NYC with us in June, yeeeeee!

Lauren said...

Congrats pretty friend!! So excited about this new adventure. Okay, on to more important matters. GT has GOT to get rid of that beard before Louisiana summer right? RIGHT?!

Morgan Smith said...

waahooo! so excited for you! what a fun idea to plant a tree for your growing family:)

Jamie said...

So excited for you and Grant!!! You will make marvelous parents!! :)

Carissa Casey said...

Wonderful news! We are very happy for you, Taylors! (Sharing in your joy.)