Wednesday, May 2, 2012

California boys

Two of my favorite California boys recently celebrated their birthday!

My oldest bro, Josh, is living in LA getting his masters in Psychology at Pepperdine.
He's kind of a big deal
He also was tired of taking pictures on this day. ha!

He also went through an awesomely gangly googly teenage stage where his Adams apple was rather dominant and his biceps were not. (apparently we were all awkward)

He's also an incredible big brother.

and a super fun uncle

and an all around awesome guy
He's brilliant
He's funny
He's handsome
He's ridiculously athletic
He's witty
He's thoughtful
He loves his family
I'm glad he's my bro. Of course there were times that I was not glad about this relationship.
Mostly when I wanted to wear his Umbro shorts or Girbaud shirts (i know you remember those) and he would chase me down, making me fear for my life, until I'd give them back. Or when he'd make me fix him a bowl of cereal late at night promising he would do something with me the next day. Or when I had to watch SportsCenter before bed for the 48millionth time rather than Clarissa Explains it all or something of equal excitement. Or when he wouldn't let me hang out with his cool 16 year old friends when I was awesomely annoying and 12. 
But, today...I'm grateful for our friendship.
I'm thankful we can now talk about research as we explore graduate studies together. I'm thankful we can fill each others short drives home with nonsense phone conversation. I'm thankful he's honest with me and vice versa. I'm thankful for my brother.
Happy Birthday (yesterday) Joshy-poo

Josh's best friend growing up was Jonathan Tate, or just Tate.
He lived with us through high school and is basically a brother to me.
Let me say this, we fought like siblings. 
Tate also lives in Santa Monica and has a beautiful family.
His baby boy was born April 5th and is perfect! I can't wait to meet him.
Tate's daughter Lillian is 2 and she is such a fun, beautiful little girl . 
James Everett Tate
future surf dude

Sweet Tate and baby James

Just love that sweet family

Happy birthday to my California boys.
I miss you something awful!


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Jil said...

This is so sweet Katelyn! I hope my Laela will feel the same way about her brothers one day!!