Saturday, May 26, 2012

Revealing the gender

We weren't planning on having a gender reveal is the trend these days.
We just wanted to tell our sibs and parents at the same time.
That was a problem. Only my parents live by us.
So, we utilized our ever evolving technology and made it work.
We got a DVD of the ultrasound from that morning and decided to just show the fam and let them see for themselves!
But, of course...
when we walked into mom and dad's house, my mom had set up a party!
She throws a party for any and every occasion and i kind of like it. 
There's no way she was letting this occasion pass with out celebration!

Pretty sure this is when they saw the know what i mean?
ipad facetime: Jamie
iphone Skype: Josh
just a phone call: Jake 
side note: Jake is on a military ship with his other brother-in-laws this cool is that??? One of his bro-in-laws is in the Navy and got to invite 2 people to join them on their ship (i think that's how it went down). What a super awesome experience!

next, we called GTs fam

ipad facetime: Kimmy and Matt
ipad face time: Ty and Chelsea
iphone face time: Mark and Del
iphone face time: Garrett
Thanks for the ridiculous faces never disappoint.
That's a lot of electronic devices folks. 

It was so much fun sharing the video with everyone and hear their reactions.
Redundant statement warning!: we are blessed.
Blessed by family who shares in our joy!

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!!!
Ready for some rest.
Working four 12 hour shifts this week and going to school and growing a kid makes me tired.
Yes, that is what complaining looks like. 
I do it to myself, though.
Our dishwasher has only bowls and spoons in it.
you know what that means?
it was a cereal for supper kind of week. 
sooooo thankful my man actually likes that option. 
he's a keeper.

I hope everyone gets to rest up!

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