Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's up Doc?

Let me introduce you to Dr.Jacob T. Kirby, D.D.S.

How bout them apples?

We made the trek to K.C last weekend to celebrate my bro. 
He finished dental school and we though it an appropriate occasion to throw a party!
I'm so proud of him. Dental school ain't for sissies.  
He was pretty shocked to see his new grill his awesome lady bought for him

The men had to do the man thing and turn nobs and whatever else they do

I kinda love these guys

Jake and Jamies backyard is pretty perfect for a party

I'm also rather partial to these two

Jamie is ridiculously talented and made the cutest signs.

Beau loved being with his cousins at the kid table

another cute sign by Jamie

I'm so glad that they are moving to Tyler, but will miss this house.
They have truly made it a wonderful home and I adore it's Kansas City character and charm


Whatya say Dr.J?

apparently he can now be responsible for my dental

looks like he's working on his first patient.
Beau somehow snuck in 3 pieces of cake.

some of the the teethy guests

love 'em

Isn't their backyard perfect?
That tree!

Jakey-poo getting robed

Well done sir

Mamaw Jo and Mamaw Lou wouldn't have missed Jakes graduation for the world
GT and I drove the 10 hours there and back with the mamaws 
i would do it again tomorrow, and the next day
they make pretty good company

so, i looked at the wrong camera.
at least we got the whole gang, huh?

Congrats Dr.Jake
I look forward to many awkward conversations as you work on my mouth and ask me questions when you are aware that there is no way patients can answer you while you work on their mouths. 



annie said...

Congrats to your brother on his DDS! I love their KC house, but I bet they'll have a cute one in Tyler, too. I like that town.... & it's not so far from the rest of you, right? :)

How are you feeling, these days? Our nephew, Matt, & wife Liz, found out they're having a girl in October, & I thought of you & Grant, since Grant knows Matt. It's the first girl in our family since Blair---27 years ago. We're all so excited! Her name is Ellie Grace...

Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

Thanks Katiepoo!! Thanks for braggin' on me and our tiny abode here in KC ...and I can't wait to live closer to y'all!!! It was tons of fun having y'all here to celebrate. see ya soon sis