Monday, June 4, 2012


We ventured down to the gulf last weekend and I am ready to venture back there.
It's amazing how my idea of the "perfect" beach vacation has changed.
No more are the days filled with putt-putt, paddle-ball, body-surfing, castle-building and what-not.
Now are the days of....well, as little as possible.
Perhaps it's due to our overly busy schedules at home.
Between grad school and work and life, a relaxing day is pretty rare.

One day, GT and I were laying on our beach chairs doing NOTHING.
He spotted a college-aged fellow digging away at the sand.
GT, "You know how I know that guy doesn't have a job?"
me, "How is that, stud muffin?"
GT, "People with jobs are too tired to dig in the sand on vacation". 
true that

Don't get me wrong.
I love an action packed trip.
But, sometimes...just sometimes...a true vacay is warranted and appreciated.
 The coveted R&R
Mother, mother ocean...i have heard your call. -Jimmy B

I did partake in some activity
hosting a growing baby
4.5 months into this gig and feeling pretty great

my beach cowboy

my extended fam was also at the beach, just a few miles down at a house
We spent Memorial day with them.
I failed to take many pics. probably because we were busy, not being busy

the beard makes it's maiden voyage to the beach

the ladies that make things happen

i did study each morning for a few hours
i'll tell ya something
homework at the beach isn't as bad
AS bad, i said.

I love this girl to pieces
My cousins are pretty awesome. Probably the most awesome

summer nights are THE best

i couldn't help myself.
these came home with us.

Rested and Grateful,


Morgan Smith said...

great post. and i can NOT believe how tiny you still are at 20+ weeks!!! i guess you've been eating like a normal person. i was never able to do that and therefore ate every sugary or starchy thing in sight and had the pounds to prove it. can't wait to follow your journey to motherhood:))

Kate said...

Morgan, you are too sweet. I was actually 18 weeks in this picture...and believe me I am eating my way through this pregnancy. I am eating shells n' cheese as we speak!