Sunday, June 17, 2012

a day for dads

Happy Fathers day.
I hope everyone has someone they can look up to as a father.
I completely take it for granted that I have a dad who took his job seriously.
Not enough dads do that.
My dad supports me in everything I do that is God-centered.
Listen, he has definitely NOT supported me in many things I have tried that were not right.
He didn't just go with the flow because I begged or cried or pouted or put up a fight or was shady.
He did what was right.
He chose to lead me in the way I should go, not the way I wanted to go.
Thankfully, because of his leadership, I now (for the most part) choose the right way.
At least, I am seeking to follow the Lord in all I do.
He also taught me what kind of man I wanted to marry and to lead my family one day. 
a hilarious picture after we told dad he was going to be a "Pa" again

I am so eager to see GT as a dad.
He is already a leader and I know he will lead our family in an incredible way.
He was raised by an awesome dad
the morning we told the Taylors they were going to have their first grandkid and first nephew/niece on their way to play golf
Mark T. looks a little extra puffed up, huh? perhaps a bit proud

 I firmly believe GT has what it takes to be the best dad EVER.
this is GT right after I told him he was going to be a dad
just the look i was hoping for in this moment
he held this pose for approximately 6 minutes 

One reason I know GT will be a great dad is because he is like my dad and his dad.
They chose to lead their families toward the Lord and make no excuses for this. 
They didn't let their kids get away with things because it was cool or just what kids do.
They disciplined us well.
Yep, they whipped us. and often. and we most likely deserved every lick.
I'm grateful  they chose to not be "cool" dads (even though they are), but to be dads that stood up for what was right.
They taught us how to be independent, confident, responsible, sensible, loving and Godly grown-ups. 

We need more dads like that. 
Our society is falling apart because men are failing to do their job.
I'm not excusing women. We still have pretty big job, too.
But, the men in our world are not teaching their sons how to make responsible decisions.
They are failing to teach them how to work. you even when it's not fun or even it's boring, but because they need to provide for their family and be good stewards.
They are neglecting discipline.
They are disregarding time with their children.
ok. i'm done.

So, today, as we all talk about dads I want to declare that I am thankful for mine.
I am thankful for our grand-dads and my husband (who will be the best dad).
I'm thankful for men who have taken their job as a dad seriously.
I completely believe that if more men took this job more seriously, our world would be a much better place.


(p.s. our dads were also a lot of fun)

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