Thursday, June 28, 2012

a Taylor weekend

GT is one of four Taylor kids 
All four live in different places, with only two in the same state
It has become more and more difficult to find weekends to all be together
some weekends, there will be 2
some weekends it's just us and his parentals
We love any time we get...with any of the Taylors

A few weekends ago, Fathers Day, we got the whole gang together!!!
It was perfect.
I love me some Taylors (luckily! since I am one)
my pups were also glad to see their pups
especially Trigger, since we separated him from his brother a few months back

thanks Kimmy

the guys played a  fun competitive entertaining game of wiffle ball

Trigger tried to get in on the action

brotherly love, right?

uh oh, this could get ugly
also, i think that's a blocking position, not a baseball stance

yep, definitely a football move

wonder where these boys learned such sportsman like moves?????

back yard baseball really is the best

look at those flowing locks

some family bowling
that probably got a bit more competitive than intended

the boys are most likely responsible for the intensity of the second game
also, our son has no chance of being short or little

i'm thankful that there is always a guitar around with this family
also, note all of the electronics (we are incredibly good at multi-tasking)

Sunday Portrait family edition
a little five and a half month baby bump happening

thank you Garrett

Happy weekend eve lovely people,

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