Monday, June 25, 2012

Good day, Monday

Here's to a good Monday!
I am ready to go this week.
Last week kicked my hiney. But, this week...I'm bringing my A game.
It probably has something to do with these few things.
Spending the weekend here. Hello!

being with these kiddos. We spent the weekend with GTs bffs from childhood and their awesome wives and sweet babies. Love those families!

Coming home to a clean house! My mom deserves a trophy. Seriously, my poor house has been neglected and completely appreciates the love that she gave it this weekend. I almost cried when I walked in the door and didn't see a disaster zone.

My ever expanding mid-section.
I'm not in love with the idea of growing. But, as my waist line grows, so does our little dude and that makes me very,very happy. I am rather fond of his growing. So if it means my wardrobe options decrease as my pants size be it. I can dig it. Right now, I'm kind of rocking a beer gut.and GTs shirts. and GTs old boxers.
You gotta do what you gotta do.

Also, i finished all of my homework by midnight last night.

Mostly, because this guy is on his way to see me!!!!!

Happy Monday folks!

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