Friday, November 29, 2013


thanksgiving has passed and i'm still thankful
heck, i might even be more thankful

i've been MIA from the blogworld for about a week-it's the end of the semester. 
for that, i'm thankful.
after december 11th, i'll be back in the swing of things.  ...until the next semester.

thankful doesn't seem like the right word.
grateful seems less frivolous, less superficial. (i don't know)
i'm grateful for more things than i have time to list.
my life on this earth is good. in fact, it's great. unnecessarily great. undeserved great. 
thanksgiving day was spent with GTs family and was excellent!
full of women in the kitchen, conversation on lips, and grub in bellies. 
a perfect day.
for which i feel overwhelmingly grateful.
why i was given so much, i have no idea.
but, i tell ya what. 
i'm gonna be thankful and spread it around.
the Lord has been good to me and my family.
in spite of these Taylor siblings.
i mean ESPECIALLY because of the Taylor siblings.
they're pretty great.
this turkey.
for him, i give thanks.
lots of thanks.

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