Thursday, August 14, 2014

Judson talks....

...and never stops

this kid

he is entertaining
at 21 months, he is able to have a conversation (i use that term loosely) and get anywhere he pleases.
he repeats everything. EVERYTHING. be careful little ears.
thanks to Hoda and Kathie Lee he said "gaaaaawsh"repeatedly the other day.
he most often responds to our questions with a "kaaaayyyyy" or "uh-huuuuuuuh"
emphasis on the second syllable.

he talks incessantly
and moves his body in the same fashion
thank goodness he sleeps like a teenager on summer break
little buddy slap wears himself out doing all that running, jumping, climbing and talking.
and wearing this.

some of his specialized words include:
"Ninny"- Honey
"bay-bank"- blanket
"dah-doh"- Donald. for Old McDonald
"pee-pee"- Pizzza. go figure
"ah-hi"- outside
"nay-nay"- lemonade
"tray-tray"- trailer (flat bed, not house. although we having nothing against the mobile home)
"Geggy"- Grammy
"Git"- Garrett
and of course "doo-droh"
Woodrow, the most patient and kind dog

 he is putting two and three words together, attempting a sentence.
with a giant pause in between words
"town____hole"- Townes, hold. he wants to hold the fragile newborn (no, but thank you)
"new____oooosh"- new shoes
anything that starts with an "s" does not have an "s" when JR says it.
 i.e., "ocks"- socks, "eee"- see, "it"- sit, etc
he says "new" for anything that he has never seen before
and says "ole"- old when he sees a sippy cup that has been sitting out for a while, holding ole mom responsible for any rotten milk.
watching hunting shows, "ooot nuddah"- shoot another. his fathers doing

(i apologize for the excessive amount of quotation marks)

and let me emphasize the enthusiasm in which he says all of these things and the number of times he says them. it's a lot. a whole lot.

he also wants to go "down___pahn___ish___orrr-orr"- down to the pond to see the fish on the four wheeler
he will repeat his sentences over and over(and over to infinity) until you repeat it back to him and get it right.
to which he replies, "KAAAAYYYY" every enthusiastically, delighted that we finally understood him!
my personal favorite, "Wub"- love you

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