Tuesday, August 12, 2014

the first month

i blinked.
and here we are. 
 Townes Wesley, you are 5 weeks old!
you are such a little love nugget and i am addicted.
if we are apart for any length of time, i start having withdrawal symptoms. you are just the sweetest little thing!
it's truly amazing how well you just fit our family, as if you have been here all the time.

let's pick up where we left off (1 week) and do a little week by week update on your life thus far, shall we?
you are a delight little buddy
you end up in our bed more often than i would like to admit
but i actually really love it

1st Saturday morning at Cracker Barrel with the Mamaw's

1st horse show at the Ike Hamilton

lots of naps on mom and dads bed
those lips...i can't stop kissing them!
you prefer to sleep on your stomach
you're a noisy little fella-making puppy noises, grunting, squeaking
and all noises are magnified if laying on your back.
they're mostly due to gas, i'm thinking.
if you grow into your toots, you're going to be a big man...they're epic.
let's move on, shall we?
we had our good friend and photographer Erin come over to take some photos of you and our fam
we love her, she's the greatest
i've also got the hots for the lighting guy

week 3 brought some new friends!!!

Linley June was born!
we just love her
i'm so excited to watch your relationship as your both grow
your brother and her sisters are the same age...what fun we are going to have in the years to come!!!

you also met one of my best friends
Buzz from Dallas.
 or Laura if you prefer.
she came to our house to meet you and you slept the entire time.
what a charmer, you are!

your first month has been very busy, little man.
and you have taken to it like a champ!
you visited your daddy at his office for the 1st time

you took your first road trip to Texas and were pretty happy about it

we went to church with you for the first time

you are starting to smirk and make hilarious faces

and you try so hard to talk and are starting to smile (on purpose!, i think)
i love hearing your "coo"
if you aren't asleep, you are moving. your arms, legs and head are in constant motion.
and you neck is incredibly strong, you hold your head up and look around like a big kid.
if i remember correctly, your brother wasn't even as active as you at this age (which makes me incredibly nervous about your future activity level!)
your dad just said the other day that holding you is like holding a slinky.
constantly readjusting to keep a good hold on you!
i like your little spunky spirit! 

your brother still asks for you and about you all of the time
he's learning to be gentle with you, but with little success
we're working on it.

little Townes, we are so glad that you have joined our family
you make our days a bit sweeter and our nights a tad bit longer
and we wouldn't have it any other way
i sure hope the rest of your life goes more slowly than this first month, but i kind of doubt it.
i so enjoy you and want to soak up every single second of kissing, rocking, feeding, smelling and loving you
We praise God for the gift that we have received in you!

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