Friday, August 15, 2014

little photos round 2

we had some photos taken of our sweet Townes, at just 8 days old.
Erin did an incredible job of capturing the deliciousness that is a newborn
i just adore these and am so happy to have this special time documented so beautifully
i think this one is my favorite.

 we did attempt some photos of Judson and Townes and some family photos and they went... ok. 
but will keep me from attempting a family photo session again for another 18 years.
just when you think you've got parenting a toddler under control or simply maintained... try family portraits.
and what kind of mom would i be, if i didn't do a side-by-side comparison of my children, huh? 
besides the obvious difference of their level of modesty, they look incredibly different to me.
but i'm pretty sure that you haven't studied their faces as intensely as i have-day in a day out.
let's talk about the hairlines.

i love my little Townsie
and cherish these photos that look so serene, when in reality...i felt like my head was spinning off of my body as i was sweating like a pig. hi-five to one week post-partum!

if you are interested, click here for Judson's newborn photos

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emily said...

Gorgeous...all of them! The last family shot needs to be blown up/framed.