Tuesday, August 19, 2014

my motherly tips, tricks, ramblings, lessons and non-lessons

1. does anyone know how to teach a toddler how to whisper?
ok, i'll just keep on this futile effort train

2. here's a little trick i have up my sleeve
if i feel like things are getting a bit too rowdy
judson is being loud, toys everywhere, baby is requiring bouncing/walking, we need food, etc, etc, etc
i turn on praise baby "God of Wonders" and the mood changes instantly
things aren't instantly clean, JR isn't instantly quiet, we aren't fed, but it calms me and in turn calms the house.
i do this often and repeat

3. Judson is a climber
he's a mover actually
so if there is something in front of him that is higher than him, his next move is up
without fail, i will say, "Judson, get down or you will fall"
and as the word "fall" rolls off of my tongue, he is-guess what? falling.
every single time.
one of us will learn a lesson some day
but probably not today
luckily he rebounds quickly and is right back to doing other risky things in a heartbeat

4. GT has got the loud snap, point and "Judson Ray" down pat
and it is AMAZING how responsive JR is to this
and thank goodness, he is!
we went family shopping at Sams the other day, because GT wanted to help/keep me from making impulse buys. 
i don't blame him. this is a real thing.
he has successfully kept me from solo trips Target for months for this very reason and i think that's a good thing really. 
my self-control in the $1 aisle is non-existent.
any who.
we were in the check-out line and JR was trying to climb on the display of something. probably the 100 gallon jug of cheese balls.
and i said, "Judson, come here" to which he disregarded without a glance my direction.
quickly, GT snapped, pointed and said "Judson Ray"
the folks in the check-out lines to our right, left and the one we were in all whipped their heads around and stood up a little straighter.
that loud snap that GT has got the attention of 20 adults.
and Judson Ray
it's quite impressive 
and effective, which is most important
i am still working on mine

5. Townes is a pretty great sleeper (fingers crossed, knocking on wood, etc)
but for naps throughout the day, he prefers to sleep on my bed
his cradle is right next to the bed, but he will snooze twice as long if laying on my bed
what that few inches of space differences does? i do not know. but it makes a difference
so, on my bed he will sleep.
because twice as long naps are always better

6. here is my tip of the day for handling a 21 month old and a 6 week old
survive until nap time.

and enjoy them. 
that's important too
i tried to cancel my data plan on my iphone this morning.
because i have no self-control when it comes to Instagram.
i can't stop.
and sometimes JR will say, "mama, pway" and i am soooooo busy checking Instagram or Blogger that i miss that little opportunity to get on the floor and have a tractor race.

but, you can't cancel your data plans
you have to have a data plan with a smart phone
no idea.
so i will start exerting more self control and put my phone away
when i'm with my kids, my husband, eating meals, at a stop light
but not when i'm nursing Townes. i'm keeping that time. 

so, why am i blogging now?
because my mom took JR to the park and T-dubs is sleeping
yes, on my bed

i adore my boys
Judson is energetic, active and busy, but has the sweetest nature and is a complete joy, making everything incredibly fun!
someone said the other day that i was "in love with Townes".
my response, "duh".

but, sometimes naps are good.

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