Wednesday, October 8, 2014

3 months with Townes

Townes Wesley, you are 1/4 of a year old!
and the sweetest 3 month old that i know
you did it!!!!
you, my darling boy, are a delight.
we are enjoying every moment (besides car rides) with you and are completely smitten with you and your smiles.
and awesomely expressive eyebrows

you are "talking" so much and i can't get enough of your raspy little coo voice
you are very observant
and will strain your neck to see what interests you

when you get close to our faces, you open up wide and plant a big kiss
perhaps you're trying to eat our noses, but i'll take it as a kiss

you're starting to get some chunk on you

you have beautiful, big, navy blue eyes

you already know how to turn on the charm

you are not a fan of the carseat
either you are asleep or unhappy about laying on your back
Woodrow keeping watch over you
this nap lasted 4.2 more seconds, then you realized what was going on

you sleep on your belly in your cradle right next to our bed
you and your brother take long naps around the same time in the afternoon, which is golden!
at night, you can sleep from 8 or 9pm to 4 or 5am, then until 8am. i'll take it!

sometimes when i think you're ready to go to bed, i'll put you in your cradle sleepy but still awake and lay down in my bed next to you. then, i'll hear you stirring and look up to see this...
ha! you're too cute.
so we just talk for a while until you're ready to go to sleep

when i heard you waking this morning, i peeked over and saw this...
little dude rolling over
happy as a clam

your brother LOVES for you to get in his bed
he always props up his pillow in the corner, just for you and says "Townes in"
then he ignores you and plays with something else, occasionally acknowledging you
he just likes to know that you're there
the basis of your relationship at this point

you are already entertained by watching Judson and he is pretty fond of your company, too

Sesame Street trance

Townsey, Tdubs, Townser, Townes-rooskie...
we are really enjoying this stage of your life and i am so not ready for it to pass
but, your sweet nature sure points to a lovely little future with you.
i still just can't get enough Townes

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