Friday, October 17, 2014

fun fall farm

well, it's not fall until you go to the pumpkin patch, right?
i'm still not sure that it's fall, since it's 85 degrees outside.
but, compared to the previous weeks it's cool, but still not fall.

still, we made the trek to a pumpkin patch farm and had a grand ole time, but never actually made it to the pumpkins.
and sweated through it. that's a Louisiana autumn for ya.

mom and i took Judson, Townes, Luke and Beau to Curry Farms and it was awesome.
the boys had a grand ole time
Judson ran everywhere
which was fine, since i could keep an eye on him from basically anywhere

Townes' enthusiasm kept us going

love these boys!
Luke and Beau have got the smiles down
we're still working on JR

Beau! our fearless big cousin leader

they wore themselves out
a snack of cheetos and fruit punch! 
five-star parenting decisions

then the sno-cone truck arrived!

i can't tell you what Judson is doing here. no idea.

this was JR's first experience with a sno-cone.
and he doesn't like sweets. i can't explain this one, but i'll take it.

of course, i offered him a taste of the sno-cone. he said "no danks"
i finally talked him into trying it. again...5-star parenting...coercing my child into liking sugar.
he took one bite, his face lit up and he said, "again!"
and then he took over.

thumbs up.
or something like that.

if you find yourself in the Start, Louisiana area, i suggest that you stop off at Curry Farms
it will not disappoint
once the weather cools off a bit more, i think we'll be making another trip

there was so much to do, we left a few things to try next time
the pumpkin patch, hay ride, tricycle rides, bouncy-thing, rope swing in the hay barn and a family portrait (if i can talk GT into going) and because i'm ambitious
here's to cooler temps and fun excursions

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