Sunday, October 12, 2014

maternal rambles

1. sometimes i get tired of trying to create an artsy instagram photo or have a creative, over-the-top idea for a party or wear something completely unique, or do something original, etc, etc, etc. 
and i just want to take a crappy picture on my iphone while having a mundane day or week and wear a t-shirt, my (maternity jeans) and crocs.
and say, this is what i got. and be ok with it

2. GT has been out of town since Tuesday, except for a few hours Friday morning.
 as much as i love and enjoy my boys, there's a lot of energy and effort that goes into making life work with them. (blah, blah, blah...a mom-blog grumbling about mom-life. get over it!) 
i've been home with the boys by myself before, but for some reason, it felt a tad bit more hectic this time. probably because Townes is getting older, i've been working on a paper or there's been a full moon.
i don't know. 
ready for my partner to get home.
but, i was feeling pretty confident in my parenting the other night. both boys were on the path to be in bed by 8. i can't remember if they were bathed or not...whatever, i was feeling cocky.
 then i noticed judson was jamming to "Single Ladies" music video on my phone and Townes had some left over poop on his foot from who knows when. you realize that Townes could be sitting up independently in 3 months?
he was JUST born.
and 3 months is basically tomorrow.

it's the little things...
like when Judson figures out how to take a photo of himself.

As we were walking up to my house from my parents, I was holding Townes and Judson was taking his little toddler time as i kept saying, "come on, keep walking. no, not to the barn. no, not in the dirt. let 's go. keep walking. no, don't follow Woodrow..."
and my Mamaw Lou, who was standing outside, said "what a joy! just think about how much fun you're going to have with these boys!"

we are having fun! even if it ain't pretty, it's fun.

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