Thursday, October 23, 2014

from La to LA

little Townsey has conquered his first flight(s)!
and did so with flying colors!
 except for the landings- those were rough, but otherwise he was a champ, easy keeper and a complete joy to be around.
We jetted out Sunday morning to LA.
not big L, little a...Louisiana
big L, big A...the city of Angels.
we made the trip to see our Sadie do her thang on Dancing with the Stars!
She is doing so well and making all of us so proud (like always).

We landed in the afternoon and went to the hotel where my parents would be staying.
what a terrible view, huh?

Townes took a little nap, then we took a stroll around the beautiful property
we had about an hour to hang out before everyone joined us for dinner at the hotels delicious italian restaurant.
Jonathan (in the top left photo) is my 3rd brother. 
people always say we look alike (i kid, i kid).
he was Josh's best friend growing up and lived with us during their high school years and my middle school years.
since we fought so often, he easily gained brother status in my book.

He and his wife, Jenn (who i truly enjoy being with), and their children live in Santa Monica.
We miss them so much!
they joined us for dinner and it was just perfect.
 Lillian and James Everett are smart, funny, cute as can be and incredibly happy kids. 
I wish we could be with them more, our time together was way too short.

Townes and I stayed at the apartment with Sadie, Chrys, Johnny and Korie an i'm so glad that we were able to!
I have missed them while they have been in LA, so it was wonderful to stay up late talking and getting caught up on their lives.

Monday morning, Townes woke Sadie up and we just lounged until she had to leave for the studio.
Korie and I walked to the Coffee Bean and oh man, i am so glad that we did.
that white mocha.
We both meant to take a photo of our little outing, but we were too caught up in our conversation and forgot.
Ha! too caught up being together to document it with a selfie. ain't that crazy?!

we cleaned up and went to the Grove, which is close to their apartment
those men in the top right photo are troopers
pushing strollers and carrying purses.
good men, right there.

LA is famous for their year-round beautiful weather (and other things)
and it did not disappoint on our trip
i wanted to stay outside the entire time. the temperate is perfect, the air is clear and the skies are blue
and the fall decor was spot on

Tdubs was rather fond of the weather, as well
or perhaps it was all of the attention

we took lunch to Sadie, oh wait, no we didn't.
actually, we went to a specific restaurant to get her a sandwich that she likes.
when we showed up to her little trailer at the studio and started to unload all of our meals, we realized that no one ordered hers. whoops.
so much for star treatment.
luckily, she's a trooper and shared with my dad.

there were a few hours to kill until we needed to be back at the studio for the show, so we stopped back by the Grove for some shopping/walking/touristing

then, traffic was really bad so we were in a super hurry (i.e. no time to fix my hairs how i'd like to when i'm possibly going to be on national television. but nobody really cares, so i don't either. but, i really do. anyways......) to get ready for the show.
but, we made it in time to give Sadie the pep-talk that, i'm sure, helped her get a 10 from the judges.
you're welcome.

my aunt Chrys kept Townes in the viewing trailer/room so that i could watch the live show and i am so thankful that she did! 
Thanks Chrys!
it was such fun to watch this incredible production take place.
really, it's fascinating to watch the show come to life.
there could be more clothing on the dancers, but other than that, it was awesome!

and, of course Sadie was the star of the show!
wasn't she beautiful? i mean, stunning! i love watching her dance, she is talented and with no training...crazy, huh?

the best part was getting to see just how well she is taken care of out there.
we adore her, i adore her, everyone that knows her adores her
but it was encouraging to see people that we don't know take such good care of her.
that girl. she shines bright like a diamond. 

we ended the night with some burgers that left me smelling like truffles
not a bad thing.
then i was done. 
it was a fast and furious trip
and so good
so so good
i'd do it again tomorrow
well, actually next week. Townes and I need a few more days to recover
he was such a good little travel buddy 
i'm pretty sure he didn't mind the travel, since it meant that he slept on me the majority of the time.
i didn't mind either.

once again, we were allowed to have an awesome experience because of the kindness of our family.
Korie and Sadie are so generous to involve us in everything that they do.
i'm truly grateful to them for allowing us to join in on the fun!
my cousins are pretty great and i am beyond blessed to have them as friends.
being with them is one of my favorite things to do, regardless of the situation or location.

in La or LA, i'm always proud to say, "i'm with Sadie"

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emily said...

What an awesome trip!

I've actually started watching DWTS, just for Sadie! She's wonderful and I'm so glad she's staying true to herself. Go Sadie!