Sunday, March 15, 2015

8 months with Townesy

8 months, little Rooskie!
who let that happen?

you are such a little love bug
but you like to stay very close to your mothership at all times
people always comment on how sweet and smiley you are
and it's true. you are....
 when i'm holding you.
so, while you sit perched on my hip, people walk by and you give them sweet eyes, a shy smile and lay your head on my chest. they ooh and ahhh over you. they try to hold you thanks.
it won't last forever, so i suppose i'll deal with it by giving you millions of kisses

you are learning to voice your opinion so much more and "talk" throughout the day
you sort of yell at us if you need our attention
you babble constantly and seem to think that making a little coughing noise is funny

you say "dadadada" to which Judson says "daddy's not home!" "mama, Townesy is calling daddy"
you are still a strong little army crawler
you get on your hands and knees, but plop down on your belly when you're ready to go anywhere.
and you can move, buddy.
if i go into another room than you in the house, you are under my feet quickly 
just the other day, you woke before Judson and kept crawling over to his door.
i'm not quite sure it was intentional, but it seemed like you just wanted to be with your brother. 
and i do know that's the truth.
you think he is just the best thing.

you really aren't interested in baby food, but prefer to eat what we are eating
so far, you have really seemed to like sweet potatoes, lima beans, tomatoes, avocado and bread.
you LOVE all bread and attack it with intensity 
you have yet to get a tooth

you are a champion night time sleeper (knock on wood) and are pretty good about naps, although they aren't always consistent
we can still count on you to catch a car nap if you don't get in a good nap at home

you are so responsive to those around you, especially if they are talking to you
particularly, your Honey and Pa
you light up when you hear or see them come in the room
and you love to snuggle 
you have been referred to as a koala, as you like to hang on tight and wrap your body around mine
sometimes i think you would crawl back in my womb if that were any kind of possibility... that's how close you try to get to me

we love you, little bitty!
you are such a sweet little spot in our life

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