Tuesday, March 10, 2015

West MonSnow

we made it back to West Monroe just in time to catch the snow.
two weeks ago, when the actual snow (not just ice) started, we were at GTs parents house in Texas.
we decided to make the drive home on Wednesday morning, since the temperature was going to get above freezing and we figured the roads would be clear.
and they were.
 but they weren't perfect 
and i probably held my breath a few times over the bridges.
it snowed on us as we drove and it was just beautiful. 
almost like driving through Colorado, except not really.
(our road)
we made it home early afternoon and the snow was falling.
big, beautiful, soft snow flakes.
Judsons first snow.
he loved it more than we had thought he would
so, of course, i over-documented with the camera.
little Townesy's first snow
he watched watched from inside, then took a nap...perhaps it will snow again in the next ten years and he can play in it then.
Judson definitely was not the only one who had fun playing 

the quietness that accompanies a snow fall is magical, don't you think?

Judson wanted to go see the snow "in the woods"
so, GT and Garrett took him for a spin and quickly regretted that decision
driving under branches heavy with snow got the better of them
they quickly came inside for some coffee and sitting by the fire

day 2 wasn't quite as magical
as the snow turned to slush and patches of brown started interrupting the beautiful white blanket of snow

Judson did not care.
he couldn't get outside fast enough 
his fascination with eating the snow came to a halt when he began getting pieces of grass with the melting snow

only beautiful snow angels over here

we built a tiny little snowman (in the first picture, by JR's boot...look closely)
which he promptly destroyed with a swift kick
and was surprised by its destruction
a 2-year old, go figure

one day of snow was just the perfect amount of snow for us Louisianans
it sure was beautiful

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