Friday, March 13, 2015

a party for sisters

yesterday was my moms (sitting to my right) birthday
today is my aunt Chrys's (next to last one on the right) birthday
they are 1 year and 1 day apart
and that's my mamaw Jo, their mom, front and center
as she should be

we celebrated them with a girls-only (plus Townes) birthday lunch earlier this week
Grace, our dear friend, threw the party and did so always

if you were to place me in a family of inspiring, selfless, beautiful women...i'd land right where i am.
my mom and Aunt Chrys work tirelessly to serve their families and are always ready for anything...
hosting a party for 75
leading a womens conference
speaking on a radio show
watching a grandkids sporting event
you name it, they can do it and are probably prepared at any given minute

we celebrate them because they are something to celebrate
the way they take care of us should be rewarded and honored...every day, but we make sure of it on their birthdays!
also, this weekend when we have another party.

they learned how to live this way from their mom
isn't she just beautiful?
what you see on the outside is matched tenfold on the inside
now that i'm a mom of kids 20 months apart, i can not fathom having two girls 12 months apart.
i can't decide if i think she was crazy or brave. probably a combination of the two.
but i have no doubt that she handled it like a she does anything she does.

i love these women in my life
not just the 3 that i've mentioned, but every single one in that picture plus a large handful more
they have taught me how to love
love my God
love my man
love my children
and love my neighbors
and there is nothing more beautiful 
and nothing worth celebrating more

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