Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You've Got (random) Mail

we spent less than 24 hours in Dallas over the weekend for GT to run the Dallas Rock n Roll half-marathon.
more on that later, because that beast (race or GT? you decide) deserves it's own attention/post. 

but, as i sat in the car awaiting GT to make it to the mile marker at which i was waiting, i was scrolling through random bits of internet trivia...naturally.
did you know that You've Got Mail came out in 1998? 1998! almost 17 years ago! 
that blows my mind.
what a great movie!
moving on from internet's some random thoughts for the day.

i love carpet and wallpaper.
hardwood floors (or stained concrete, in our case) are great, too.
but i really love carpet in bedrooms.
and wallpaper. i'd wallpaper our entire house if i could.
well, perhaps i can...stay tuned.
i killed my 1st copperhead of the year last night
that makes me sound pretty tough, huh?
actually, i just ran over it in my car...5 times.
forward, reverse, forward, reverse and one more for good measure.
i always hate spotting the 1st snake of the year....hate isn't even a strong enough word.
we have taught Judson that when he sees a snake to say, "daddy, daddy, snake, snake" and to run.
this is what i say and do when i see snakes. except for the one time i shot (mutilated) a snake with a shotgun
Judson is a roper. all day, every day. he ropes. 
"fixin' get in that radio (rodeo), mom"

i am hiring a personal assistant.
primary responsibilities are cleaning my house and completely our paper-in-lieu of thesis.
i say "our" because it is a group project.
group projects are tough.
 actually, i am in a great group...good, hard working people that i like to be with.
but, trying to coordinate 4 peoples schedules- who have kids, spouses, jobs and school- that's the tough part. there are a lot of late night/early morning emails, texts and meetings.
and nap-times dominated by edits and revisions.
last weekend, we had a slow saturday morning of waffles and eggs. then i started cleaning the house that was in complete disarray. Judson kept asking me to sit with him and watch "Dino Dan"... his absolute favorite. i told him that i had to clean the house because it had been neglected for the past few weeks. GT joked that i had probably neglected my kids, too... he said it in jest and completely did not mean it...but i knew what he meant. so i stopped and cuddled on the couch with my guys. the house is still a mess, but my boys are well loved and progress has been made on our thesis.
moms around the world... we're all in the same boat, huh? the "my house is a hot mess, but there are more important things" boat, huh?
p.s. i'm not really hiring a personal assistant. as if i needed to clarify.
how about this plan? i am just going to clean my house. hows 'bout them apples?
ok, one more random thing...
as the temperature rises outside and we all start shedding layers to enjoy the beauty that is Spring and Summer... Ladies, can we please just keep our clothes on when taking selfies for Instagram?
do yourself a favor.

that's enough for today.
back to life. back to reality

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