Thursday, April 9, 2015

a Spring Break break

Judson broke his arm during spring break.

 his spring break is a break from a 5-hour, 2-days-a-week Mothers Day Out.
so, really it just means that he is home for an extra 10 hours this week.
but, it's a break. and it's spring. so...Spring break!
our plans consisted of just kicking it at home with my boys (not a far cry from the usual)

well, it all started with them both having some ugly fever virus.
and sharing sickness germs
it was quite pitiful, actually

Judson started with the fever during church on Sunday
and it continued until Tuesday
Townesy got a fever on Monday and it just broke last night
he also has an ear infection along with the super runny nose and cough
and just this morning i felt his first tooth breaking through
his little body has compensated by him sleeping a crazy amount.
like 3 hour naps and 14 hour night time sleeps (except for when his fever got pretty high and then there was no sleep)... but i think he's on the mend today!

yes, yes...about the break
Judson tripped while running (at full throttle, as always) and braced himself with his hand.
it was obviously hurt. he cried a lot. 
but, he also had a fever, so it was hard to tell if it was because of pain or that he didn't feel well.
unfortunately, it was a combination of the two.
this was Monday evening.

that night was one of little sleep.
Tuesday morning he kept his arm up by his chest and wouldn't hold anything with his right hand.
i took him to his pediatrician who sent us for xrays right away
they called back after lunch to confirm our suspicion, it was fractured

now, while we waited at the doctor and for the xrays, JR was playing with gusto.
happy as can be and running around as usual.
but, he was very protective of his right arm and wouldn't grip anything with that hand.
when we learned that it was broken, i wanted to swell with pride at his toughness and my heart wanted to break at the same time. 

our pediatrician had made us an appointment with orthopedics for Wednesday morning.
they happened to make the appointment with Dr.Graves, one of our friends.
now, isn't that great?

Judson was a trooper through it all.
he never cried at the ortho appointment and did just as he was told, allowing Dr.Graves to examine him

 and to have the splint placed.
and the splint was placed by Amanda, who goes to church with us! great is that?!

at first, Dr.Graves said that he needed a cast.
Judson chose the "John Deere green" color. imagine that.
then after they discussed the reality of a 2-year old in a cast, they offered this option
a super, Iron-man-like splint.
yes, please.

when they discussed the possibility of a cast above the elbow, i broke out in a cold sweat and i'm pretty sure hives were crawling up my neck.

luckily, we were able to leave with this bad boy 

of course, he wore his cowboy hat to the appointment
because that's what cowboys do
especially when they're injured
we have convinced him that he needs this "bracelet" to help his arm get better so that he can rope.
he bought it.
fortunately, he ropes left handed anyway so he has not been slowed down AT.ALL.
let me repeat. no slowing down AT. ALL.

hopefully this is the first and last of this caliber of injury for the Taylor boys.
but, the pace at which he does life leads me to believe it is only the beginning.

i think we are mending up today.
the fevers have subsided
Townes is still not feeling well and Judson is learning how to sleep with a brace on his arm.
praying that tonights sleep will bring the rest and rejuvenation that their bodies need.

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wendy crowe johnson said...

My prayers for quick healing and for mom & dad... Best job in the world.