Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"wets go to the radio!"

Judson attended his 1st Walker County Fair Rodeo ("radio" according to JR) this past weekend. 
and he ate it up. 
every single last bit of it. he soaked it up like a sponge, breathed it in deep, swam in it and lived it.
he was in little Judson Ray heaven.

our little cowboy is determined to be a team roper.
if he is awake, he has his rope in hand and hat on his head
 he will ride an Appaloosa horse and his daddy or Townes (whoever he chooses as his "ponter" for the day) will ride a Quarter horse...these are his dreams

he backs himself in to the make-shift shoot (between the rocking chair and book cabinet) and asks, "you ready, mom?" nods his head and takes off roping.
he loves to talk anything and everything related to a "radio"
so, if you get asked to go watch or participate in bull-riding or roping, just say "let's go to the radio!"
and you've got a friend in Judson Ray

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