Monday, April 20, 2015

Easter things

We spent Easter weekend with the Taylor fam in Huntsville and had a grand ole time!
All of the kiddos were there (which doesn't happen that often) and we soaked up each second of being together. 

Sunday morning, we gave the boys little Easter baskets
Townes enjoyed his ball for roughly 2 minutes, until it rolled under something
and Judson would've been just fine with suckers. 
ah, well.

let's move on to more photos, shall we?
excuse me, grandpa? did your mother forget your belt? and your pants that actually fit?
sure i'll give you a cracker so you'll sit still for a picture
ready, cheerleader Judson?
this Gracie girl...she is the sweetest!!!!

choke-holds are for brothers

eh, we'll try again next year

now, Grammy's Easter baskets
that's how you do it...they were crowd pleasers.
i'm taking notes
the whole she-bang
goodness, i love these folks


the boys were part of 2 egg-hunts prior to actual Easter weekend
the first was at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca and was put on by our church
it was huge and there were at least 4 thousand kids.
the crew that put it together did an awesome job an we all loved it!
Judson was slightly overwhelmed and was way more interested in playing at camp than hunting eggs.

and selfies with Honey

and minutes of entertainment for Townes, courtesy of 100 dirty eggs

brothers for the win!

Mamaw Lou is the best!

our neighbors came with us and we loved being with them (as you can tell by Judson face)
seriously, we really did

of course, everything is better when Bob and 2-mama are there


Judson also had an Easter party at his "school"
there are maybe 12 kids total, so it is really laid-back and perfect, actually

all of the kids LOVE when i bring Townes

and Judson is like....
"what's the big deal?"

eggs were a little more interesting when he discovered the candy hidden inside
Jace is Judson BFF at school.
they are quite the pair

Townes was satisfied since he got more eggs to gnaw on

GT arrived a tad late to the party and Judson was ecstatic!
when he drove in the parking lot, you would've thought a celebrity had arrived
and i suppose he did!

even though the boys weren't too interested in all the hoop-la of egg hunting, they enjoyed being with their family and their friends (and the candy).
We want them to know that they are loved and that we love to share in these fun events.

just as they don't understand or care about easter egg hunts, they can not comprehend the beauty of the resurrection of Jesus.
but not for lack of hearing about it.
i'm so thankful they will be constantly surrounded by family and friends that love the Lord and that will help us teach them about the good news of Jesus Christ, his death and his resurrection.
i am positive there is nothing more beautiful than that.

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