Tuesday, April 28, 2015

my body and what i put in it

let me start with this disclaimer. 
this is in no way a comprehensive summary of my relationship with my body and with food.
it is only a glimpse into my current relationship status with my body and with food.
(and i tell you about why i love Advocare and how you can too)

ok. fair?

when i met GT, i weighed....ha, ha, ha.
 you thought i'd tell you. that's cute.

when i met GT, i was above a healthy weight for my body.
i was living in Dallas. hitting up the chips and queso on the regular.
i was "healthy" and "big boned" as my brothers referred to me at one point.
and after working night shift for a year with pizza and and chocolate pudding as my "lunch" (1am)...my body was not in a great place.
i worked out and actually completed a half-marathon, but i was not putting healthy food into my body on any kind of consistent basis.

when we started dating, we did what couples did.
we went out to eat. 
and i would order whatever i wanted, while he always ordered the healthiest thing on the menu.
i.e. Chick-fil-a
Kate, "i'll take a #5, 8-count with a DDP"
GT, "i'll take a grilled chicken wrap, no dressing and a water"

he never talked about it, but would just go about his business
running 2 miles every morning and eating healthy.
i thought his routine was a bit mundane and his eating boring, but more power to him.
once i asked him about it, he explained why he made the choices that he did.
in short, he made a conscious decision that this would be his lifestyle.
he wanted to be healthy for life.
not just lose a bunch of weight and accomplish a short-term goal.
he felt better day-in and day-out when he exercised and made good food choices.

soon, i started ordering like he did and making healthier choices.
i dropped 13 pounds in a few months.
just because i made healthier eating choices

let's press on to the present day....i could talk forever and ever about this.

i still consistently make the more unhealthy choice
GT always eats better than i do.
and i'd say that he functions at a much higher level than i do because of that.

i want to be and eat healthy
i want my kids to eat healthy
what we eat has a direct impact on every function of our body.
so, why not eat what our bodies need?
i don't know. because m&m's are so dang good.

a few years ago, we started using Advocare products.
i liked them, GT liked them.
we still use them.
We have done the 24-day challenge...except i haven't ever done it with all of the supplements since i've been pregnant or nursing for 3 years.
but, we have always been happy with the results and it has spurred us on to better choices after we complete the challenge.

i am in no way, shape or form a proponent of using a specific type of supplement or product.
what i do promote is making the best choice for your body and adopting a healthy lifestyle.
and if that means using a program to help...then by all means...use it!
that's what we do.

and i will tell you about one product that i just started using and i LOVE it
love it so much
i like to drink a cup of coffee every afternoon
but, with the warmer weather approaching i don't always want a hot drink
so, i ordered this Coffeccino. i mixed it with ice and water. 
oh man...it was good.
and after a few hours i realized that i never got that hankering for an afternoon snack.
now, that's worth my money. ya heard?
i will be ordering more very soon.

3 of my family members are currently doing the challenge.
perhaps i'll share their results with you...if they care to share.
if you're local and want to do the challenge, i have one at my house waiting for you!

anyway...if you want to know more about what Advocare has to offer, click here
and if you want to order anything for yourself, click here
one more. my little coach, Shari, is awesome...here is a link to her facebook page... lots of great food plans and tips 

ok, i'm done. except probably not.
i'll probably share more as i travel along on this healthy lifestyle journey
happy Tuesday friends!

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Lauren said...

I am with you! I love Advocare and what it has done for us in times of needing better sleep, more energy, and sharper focus.