Monday, April 13, 2015

Townesy 9 months

Roosker doo, you are a big 9 months old!
and we are loving our little 9 month old sweetheart
you are just the sweetest little love bug i've ever known
and i can't even stand to be away from you for more than a minute

you are a full-blown crawler now
and can do a rather impressive down-dog yoga pose

you graduated from the army crawl in the last few weeks and you can scoot
no one is safe from your fast crawl and intense face grabs
Woodrow is less than fascinated by your new developmental milestone achievement

you are exploring so much more
and can pull up to your knees
and seem to be rather proud of this
and have learned how fun it is to get into something not meant for babies

even though you are completely mobile and like to discover new things, you can be intrigued by one thing for quite a while
especially things that are small, like buttons, zippers, etc.
it's just the cutest thing to watch you work with your little fingers

you have had quite a doozy of a week
 you've had a fever, ear infection, runny nose, some nasty diapers and are getting 2 teeth!!! (finally)
but are still the sweetest and smiliest little guy
just in need of some extra holding... and i can do that

your brother is your favorite 
you get so excited when he walks into the room
and would crawl all over him all day if he would sit still and allow you to
you say (or yell), "dadadada" and sometimes i wonder if that's how you call for Judson.
you babble other non-words constantly...just figuring out what that voice of yours can do!

you smile at everyone you see
but always prefer for me to hold you. you're such a little koala bear
my favorite thing that you do is when i am changing your clothes and you are just in your diaper, i'll pick you up and you curl up into a tight little ball and lay your head on my shoulder...your little body is pressed so tight against my chest...oh man, it's the best. 
you'll just stay that way for a little while and let me squeeze you as you smile a sweet smile of contentment. 
if i could freeze you at this age and this size, i would...just for those sweet moments.

you are becoming a little more independent and can entertain yourself for longer periods of time
and tend to always have something in your mouth
you (like most everyone) love to be outside 
we spend many afternoons, after naps, on the swing watching your brother rope or just run wild
since the weather has warmed up, you get to ride in the wagon and seem to like it as long as your brother rides with you.

i didn't realize how often i dress you in blue
but, its apparently every day
i'm afraid this will continue, since your eyes are the most amazing blue 

i didn't know it was possible, but i love you more this month than the last
and more today than yesterday
you just keep getting sweeter, happier and more fun
your smile is incredibly rewarding and you give us unmeasurable joy! 
we love you to pieces little Townes-rooskie
your tender, sensitive heart and joyful, giddy smile have got me. 

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