Sunday, June 12, 2011

Louisiana Saturday and night

Let me tell you a story.
The story of a perfect Saturday.

It all began when we woke up later than usual, around 815...with no agenda.
I'm not sure that there are many things greater than having no certain plan for the day.
I like having a plan for the day, usually. I think that schedules are important. I prefer to stay busy.
But, somedays...some Saturdays there should be no schedule.
I'm thankful we have those. I know it is a luxury and we take full advantage of them, recognizing most people are not given this luxury.
We decided to take the Bad Boy for a ride and let the dogs run along beside us.
It's the lazy mans version of walking/exercising the dogs.
Whatever works, right?

Then the dogs got in the pond...which is crazy low. Perhaps a ran dance is in order?
So, GT decided to work with them for a bit and have them retrieve their "birds".
Hunting season is quickly approaching.
"Woodrow will be the best water dog there ever was", she proclaimed loudly.

Then we watched 2 movies.
don't judge.
it was hot.
and we can't watch movies at night. we both fall asleep. ev-er-ee-time.

but, then we played tennis.
the heat index was 110.
don't judge.
it was stupid.
i almost died.
but, i think it made us stronger. what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger is what I once heard.
that person didn't play the the middle of the Louisiana.
we were i was definitely weaker afterwards.
at one point i started asking what quarter it was, screaming loudly for my mama. it was embarrassing.

Then we picked up crawfish for the entire family.
40 lbs loaded up on the back of the Bad Boy.
at this point, GT said...didn't they write a song about this?
I said probably.

so what, we're redneck.
It works for us.


Originally it was just me and GT.
Then I called Korie to see if her family wanted some. She said "yeah, sounds great".
So, I ordered 20 lbs.
Then my aunt Chrys called, "can you pick up some for us, too?"
Of course.
We went from 5-40lbs very quickly.
That's why I love living next door to my family.
You are always one call away from a partay.
Within and hour we all convened with crawfish, mamaw Jo made a cake, John Luke had the truck pulled up with music blaring, we had a wiffle ball game going, the dogs were swimming...again, watermelon was cut.

Louisiana Saturday Night.

can i get an Amen?

from the a/c,

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annie said...

Sure sounds like a fun Saturday to me---especially the crawfish boil with your fam! The tennis, not so much. :)

Miss seeing you two around these here parts. And, I think Lauren & Patrick would love to see you, too. Hi to GT, & the rest of your fam.....a year ago right now, we were all getting excited about the weddin'. :)