Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Willie Nelson.
the Legend.

We were privelidged to see him live last month here in our own great metropolitan of Monroe.
He's 89, i think.

Here's how it went down.
The show started at 730. and, it started at 730.
Willie walked on stage, gave a two handed, above the head wave.
Then, grabbed his guitar, stood up to the microphone and started singing. Never stopped for 1.5 hours.
When I say singing...i mean a talk/sing. It was a talking melody of sorts.

Although, at his age, he is longer able to croon as he once did, he can still rip on the guitar.
It was amazing and I'm so glad we were able to enjoy his music live.
GT said, "he's like the Old Faithful...he's just something you gotta see."

this was the backdrop/theatrics.
some songs, they'd roll it up and the stage would be black.
then, the next song, they'd let it down.
really set the mood.

Also, he was off of the stage, in his RV and on the interstate in 15 minutes.
Everyone kept yelling "encore, encore".
 I said "he surely has to do an encore". GT replied, "no, he doesn't. he's Willie".

and, he didn't.
He was headed out before all of us.
I think that means, he's made it.

one of my fave Willie songs


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