Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Portrait series

This is a series that I will continue. I solemnly swear.
Each Sunday, GT and I will take a pic together. Hopefully soon it won't be with my iphone, but with a good camera(fingers crossed)!
It will be an organized and fun way to keep up with where we are and what we're doing.
plus, it's the only day of the week that either of us puts on anything decent.

(a new dress, too)
Sunday in Georgetown, TX.
we looove us some Texas

With the Taylor fam.
minus Chelsea and Garrett. we missed them oodles

a Fathers day photo with the original 4 (Garrett not pictured, but imaginarily placed and fondled)

GT with the gparents.
The General and Mona.
We celebrated their birthdays this weekend. His 87th was on Saturday, her 82nd on Sunday.
I think. Those ages could be off slightly.
This year is their 60th wedding anniversary.
I'm thankful for them and the great Taylor family they have raised.
Sunday, after Fathers Day lunch we sat around and listened to grandma tell a story from one of their first dates. Grandad sat in his chair chirping in with his comments. It was very entertaining and special.

sitting on their new birthday bench

Grandad was showing us his newly discovered Pandora radio: Frank Sinatra. he loooved it.

despite the 493 weather, we sat on the back porch visiting on Saturday.
It was delightful.
We all lost 12 pounds.

GT feels it is his duty to pin all of his cousins.
he got 3 at one time. I was proud. They are all younger than 14.

I also attempted the "waterfall braid" that I've seen posted all over the www.
Of course, I was running late for church, so I only had one chance.
Next time will be better.

Self-portrait in the hotel bathroom with your iphone is classy.

I loved the hair-do and got enough compliments to make me feel pretty and def do it again.
Thanks family!

Happy late fathers day to all ya daddios out there.
here's an old bday post to my dad.
he's the best!

hope your monday has kicked off to a good start!


Lauren said...

Doing that braid looks likes a talent! A talent I do not have...

Jake and Jamie + 1 said...

What??!! You are a hair genius! That hair is totally awesome.

de said...

Your hair really did look precious! What a talented d-i-l!!! I love the video of Woodrow and Maggie--hilarious!