Friday, June 17, 2011

the return of Fridays list of loves

On this glorious and smokin' hot Friday i am LOVING...


1. this dude
he's my fave canine there ever wuz

2. having my brother-in-law here.

it's nice to be around "others" like yourself

 it is quite amazing that i have found another family that is as unique(the nicest word i could think of) as mine.

i just wish Ty's wifey could be here.
but, she's in Alaska. likely story, huh?
i love my seeesters

3. he's here b/c we're driving to Georgetown, TX today to see these awesome folks
we're excited to spend the weekend with GTs grandad and grandma.
They're pretty remarkable people and I just love spending time with them. They're full of good advice along with some competitive games of 42. I hope when i'm in my mid-80's i'm still whooping up on my grandkids in a friendly game of dominoes.

4. summertime music
(here we go again, right?)
since we'll be leaving around noon and heading to texas, i'll prob be blaring some road trip tunes

the killers.

.38 special

also, you can't head to texas without some texas country.
something about summer brings out more of my twang.
pat green

5. eating this last night for supper
mom did good.

from here

the perfect summer pasta.
we enjoyed our time around the dinner table
i speak for everyone.

happy weekend folks,

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